How much tktx cream do I need?

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Brand: TKTX
Item: TKTX blue 55%
Weight: 10g/tube
Validity period: 2 years

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TKTX cream blue 55% is one of the most popular tattoo creams in the world. This cream has an even stronger formula than the 40% with a concentration factor of 55% and offers an average effect of 2 to 5 hours, depending on the skin type.

How to use

  1. Clean the skin with soap and water. Make sure the skin is dried off afterwards.
  2. Apply the cream in a thick layer. Better a little too much than too little.
  3. Cover the skin with plastic cling film.
  4. Wait 25-50 minutes for the painless effect to take effect.
  5. Remove the cling film and wipe off the cream with a clean cloth.
  6. You are now ready to undergo your treatment painlessly!


  1. Highly effective formula.
  2. No effect on recovery process.
  3. Does not leave a greasy substance.
  4. Long lasting painless effect.

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